Gemeinschaftsschule Schaumberg Theley

Modellschule der Talentförderung Sport des Landkreises St. Wendel


1) How many countries take part in our Comenius-project? Name them.
2) How many countries can take part in the whole Comenius project (Europe-wide)?
3) Where did the first students-teachers-meeting take place?
4) How many scenes were performed in the first musical?
5) Which scene was performed by the Romanian team?
6) What’s the name of the German school?
7) What’s the capital of the Saarland?
8) How many states are there in Germany?
9) What’s the capital of Romania?
10) What are the colours of the Catalanian flag?
11) How many of the countries taking part in our Comenius-project have the Euro € as currency?
12) What’s the Polish currency?